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Ensemble Studios closing


A rumor began making the rounds yesterday that video game developer Ensemble Studios was closing and it didn’t take long for Microsoft to chime in–yes, Ensemble is closing once the upcoming game Halo Wars ships in early 2009.

The Microsoft-owned studio has created such hits as Age of Empires series which has sold more than 20 million units

Microsoft also pointed out that the closure doesn’t mean that Halo Wars will be unsupported once it releases. According to Microsoft, the “leadership team” from Ensemble will form a new development house which will support the game.

Why is Ensemble closing? According to Microsoft “this was a fiscally rooted decision that keeps MGS on its growth path. While the decision to dissolve Ensemble was not an easy one, Microsoft is working to place as many Ensemble employees who do not move to the newly formed studio into open positions within Microsoft as possible.”

[Via Joystiq and GameSpot]


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