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Apple announces iTunes 8, new iPods at Let’s Rock event


Today in San Francisco Apple’s Let’s Rock didn’t hold too many surprises if you’ve been following the rumors leading up to the event.

iTunes 8 was revealed that will include a new Genius feature to recommend new music to you based on what sort of music you seen to be listening to.

The iPod Nano and Touch were also updated. The new Nano is quit a bit taller than the last model (which resembled a Chicklet) features a taller screen and an accelerometer to rotate your screen if you tip the Nano sideways (like the iPhone and iPod Touch) and also allows you to shuffle to another track by shaking it.

The new Nano’s will be available this week and be available in 8GB for $149 or 16GB for $199.

The new iPod Touch features the same look as the iPhone 3G and now includes a built-in speaker, external volume control (finally) and has integrated Nike+iPod functionality.

The new Touch is available right now and goes for $229 for an 8GB model or $299 for a 16GB version. Oh, and it’s being referred to in marketing material as “the funnest iPod ever”.

Another iPod, the Classic, was updated and now is only available with a 120GB hard drive for $249. This new model is available immediately and the two previous models, the 80GB and 160GB, are history.


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