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Xbox 360 price drop in Japan

To help try and boost sales of their Xbox 360, Microsoft has officially dropped the price of the console in Japan.

The new price of the Xbox 360 Arcade is dropping nearly 30%, from 27,000 yen ($256 US) to 19,800 yen ($180 US), the version with a 60GB hard drive will be introduced at 29,800 yen ($270 US), and the Elite is dropping 17% from 47,800 yen ($440 US) to 39,800 yen ($370 US).

With the new pricing, the Arcade is now cheaper than the Nintendo Wii which sells for 25,000 yen ($230 US).

Look for the new pricing to take effect on September 11th.

No official word on a price drop in any other countries but it is rumored to stay tuned…

[Via Engadget]


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