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Move to biofuels could hurt tequila industry


This never really crossed my mind before, but it does make sense. With all of the attention that biofuels are getting, some farmers who had been harvesting agave have begun switching to corn, a move which could end up hurting the tequila industry.

One farmer by the name of Miguel Ramirez told USA Today “I’m going to get out of agave completely. Corn is where the money is now.”

Another farmer named Raudel Lopez Sandoval said that “you tend agave for six years, and then the price drops on you or you get hit with a freeze or something…it’s a lot of investment to lose whereas beans grow fast.”

According to Mexican officials, farmers planted 35% less agave in 2007 and they expect the trend to continue.

Corn currently sells for a record 18 cents per pound while agave, worth about 80 cents per pound six years ago, is now worth less than two cents per pound.

Sorry, tequila fans.

[Via Telegraph]


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