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Palm officially makes the Treo Pro official

We’ve known about the new Palm Treo Pro for a few days now, so it’s not too much of a surprise: Palm has officially announced the Treo Pro.

Palm looks to take on BlackBerry handsets with the Treo Pro and they aren’t being very shy about it. Palm’s vice president of marketing Brodie Keast says that they’ve “chosen to partner with Microsoft to compete effectively with [BlackBerry maker] RIM.”

At the same time, Keast says that there is plenty of room in the smartphone market for both companies to grow saying that “even with the growth in this market, 90 percent of the market doesn’t have a smartphone. It doesn’t make sense to fight over the 10 percent…we want to reach out to people who don’t have a smartphone, not people who already love RIM.”

So…they’re taking on RIM, but not taking on RIM I guess is the [mixed] message.

The Treo Pro will be available in September in Europe via Vodafone and O2, in Australia via Telstra, and the US directly from the Palm store.

Pricing on Vodafone, O2 and Telstra will vary and in some cases will be free with a new contract. In the US it will be unlocked and unsubsidized for $549. I would expect some US carrier to pick it up and subsidize the price a bit but no official word on that yet.

More carriers will be announced down the road for the South American and Asian markets.

Check out the new video below to see the Treo Pro in action and to hear some palm executives pitching it:

[Via Reuters]


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