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New Palm Treo Pro showed off


Meet the new Treo Pro (formerly thought to be the Treo 850), a new smartphone coming from Palm that…looks a lot like other Palm devices, but is shiny and black.

The Treo Pro will be a Windows Mobile device that appears to have what you’d expect from a Treo–touchscreen, QWERTY keyboard, stylus, built-in camera, etc. Exact specs aren’t out yet but some basic info can be seen in presentation screenshots and a couple of pics.

Since technically we’re not supposed to know about the Treo Pro yet there isn’t any pricing or release info available just yet but I’d guess that info can’t be far behind.

Is it me? I’m having trouble getting excited about this at all. Just another Treo, just another Windows Mobile handset.

Maybe it will prove me wrong when it gets released.

[Via Gizmodo]


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