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Netflix plagued by big system outage, unable to ship DVDs [UPDATED]

Netflix has announced that they have suffered their most severe system outage to date, resulting in the company being unable to ship discs to roughly one third of their 8.4 million customers.

“…the site’s been up but our shipping system is down. It’s worse than it was in March. We’re really backlogged,” said company spokesperson Steve Swasey.

Credits will be issued to affected customers, but in the mean time Netflix is still trying to work out what caused the outage and how to fix it.

The outage prevented the company from shipping any DVD’s on Tuesday. Some were sent on Wednesday, but so far today (Thursday) none have been sent.

UPDATE: Valleywag is reporting that according to a tipster the reason for the troubles is a “massive database corruption in their Oracle cluster caused by a botched upgrade.” For more info check out this post at Valleywag.

[Via Reuters]


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