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Layoffs coming to AOL datacenters?


According to a tipster for Valleywag, on August 20th big layoffs are coming to AOL’s technology operations.

If the information is correct, AOL will be “selling their MTC & DTC data centers and will be contracting all of the services out to Emcor. There are way too many managers and a lot of them are expected to get laid off. After attending meetings it appears that upper management has finally realized they are way too many managers in technologies and that it would be better to contract central config, asset management, IPE’s and SI. Operations is going to take a big hit.”

MTC and DTC are datacenters in Manassas, Virginia, not far from the Dulles Airport and AOL’s former headquarters.

Looks like we’ll find out in just a few more days if this was true or not…

[Via Valleywag]


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