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VUDU adds movie renewals, new 99-cent SD channel

Set-top streaming video provider VUDU announced a couple of new features that set it out a bit from the competition such as Apple and their Apple TV.

Traditionally when you rent a movie online you have a fix number of days to watch it and when it expires you’ll need to rent it again for the full rental price if you want to see it again or if you didn’t have a chance to finish it the first time.

VUDU now gives you the opportunity to extend this time by a day for 99-cents for SD (standard definition) and $1.99 for HD (high definition) movies as long as you extend it within the first week. Otherwise it’s a new rental again.

Also announced is a new “99 for 99” channel that will offer “99 quality films” for 99-cents and new titles will be rotated in each week.

For more info about extending rentals check out the info page here.

For more info about 99 for 99 check out the info page here.

[Via Electronista]


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