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Fire at Apple HQ damages building, MobileMe squanders opportunity to go down again


One of Apple’s buildings at their Cupertino, California headquarters last night was damaged as the results of a three-alarm fire that broke out at the building known as Valley Green 6.

The fire, which took firefighters around 30-minutes to put out, seemed to start at or near the buildings air conditioning unit.

No injuries were reported.

MobileMe, perhaps unaware of the fire, did NOT take that opportunity to go offline (again). Yes, I jest, but the service does seem a bit unreliable since it’s launch.

CBS has a video of the fire here if you’re interested. It’s a bit boring, actually. Just a camera guy panning around looking for things to shoot. A reporter makes a brief appearance at around the three minute mark, they mumble about doing it live, then the reporter is back in the shot for the last few seconds but not actually reporting anything.

[Via Gizmodo]


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