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Email troubles hit MobileMe, Gmail


Earlier today both Apple’s MobileMe and Google’s Gmail services each experienced their own hiccups today leaving millions of users unable to access their email.

For Gmail the problem was first reported at roughly 5pm Eastern time and was caused by a problem with the contacts system used by Gmail. Around 7:30pm Eastern things were back to normal.

Two and a half hours…not too bad.

MobileMe users, however, got the short end of things as their outage lasted closer to seven hours. The problem was reported around 2pm Eastern and seemed to affect just POP and IMAP users. People logging in to http://www.me.com/mail were still able to access their email, but those checking their email from Outlook, Mail.app, Thunderbird, an iPhone, etc., were left without email until things were resolved around 9pm Eastern.

No comment.

[Via Computerworld]


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