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Group of Apple support engineers sue Apple

According to a lawsuit filed by a group of Apple support engineers against Apple, the company has denied them overtime pay and meal compensation, each of which are required by California law.

Further, the suit alleges that the workers are subjected to working conditions similar to indentured servitude. One specific example is from network engineer David Walsh who was with Apple from 1995 through 2007. During this time he alleges that he was regularly required to work more than 40 hours per week and spend evenings and weekends on call without any overtime pay or meal compensation.

Employees like Walsh were allegedly classified as management employees as a way around having to pay them for overtime.

No response from Apple so far.

Most who have worked tech support in any form knows a thing about overtime and being on call–pretty unavoidable for most. But, that’s not an excuse for Apple to classify non-managers as managers to save some money if that is in fact what they’re doing.

[Via TUAW]


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