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Canon wins Nano-Proprietary lawsuit, SED’s back on (maybe)

When SED televisions were shown they were at CEATEC 2006, they combined the picture quality of CRT’s (which at the time provided the sharpest HD image) with the size of a plasma or LCD set so it could have a large screen without taking up 1/3 of your room. The colors were said to be amazing to see in person.

Things were going well for SED when Nano-Proprietary (now called Applied Nanotech Holdings), holders of the patents that Canon were licensing to bring SED televisions to market, sued Canon and things ground to a hault.

Finally good news for people who thought SED’s would never come to market–the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Canon had not broken its contract with Nano-Proprietary as they are the sold owner of the previous joint venture with Toshiba called SED Inc.

The court also reinstated Canon’s licenses to use the technology, so while it could be a while before SED’s come to market (if they show up at all now–they may have missed their window) it’s at least possible that it happen.

[Via Engadget]


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