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Apple’s Internet infrastructure years behind?


As bad as the MobileMe launch was for Apple, that might just be the tip of the iceberg for the problems they have yet to face with their Internet infrastructure if some new information is correct.

According to some info picked up by GigaOM, Apple’s Internet infrastructure could be years behind where it really should be by now and they could use a “crash course in infrastructure and Internet services.”

The alleged problems include:

  • There is no-unified IT plan vis-a-vis applications; each has their own set of servers, IT practices and release scenarios.
  • Developers do testing, load testing and infrastructure planning, all of which is implemented by someone else.
  • There’s no unified monitoring system.
  • They use Oracle on Sun servers for the databases and everything has its own SAN storage. They do not use active Oracle RAC; it is all single-instance, on one box, with a secondary failover.
  • Apparently they are putting web servers and app servers on the same machines, which causes performance problems.

Apple “doesn’t seem to have recognized the fact that it’s in the business of network-enabled hardware.”

Could MobileMe “be the canary in the coal mine”?

It would explain a few things, like the MobileMe problems (including deployment, lost email messages, and the misuse of “sync” for updating multiple computers/devices via the service), and the iTunes problems when the 2.0 firmware and iPhone 3G launched.

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