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Colorware brings new colors to the iPhone 3G


iPhone 3G owners wishing their precious was available in more colors than just white or black now have a few more options thinks to Colorware.

Their custom process will allow you to choose any of 35 different colors that they’ll be able to apply right onto your phone (sorry, it’s not a case or label that you can apply yourself and they can’t sell you an iPhone with the color already applied).

The service will cost you between $150 and $210 depending on which parts you’d like colored. Options include the back, frame, button, SIM card tray and earbuds.

You’ll also be able to order a matching iPhone Dock for another $20 if that’s something you’re interested in.

It looks like it will take a couple of weeks for your iPhone 3G to be returned to you but for some it might be well worth it the time and expense.

For more info check out this page.

[Via BGR]


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