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$199 Xbox 360 coming?


According to some a price point of $199 is the magic number for a game console to hit before people on the fence about about buying one will hop off and snatch it up. So far no current generation console is (or below) that point but it looks like Microsoft may be the first there.

I’m not sure which retailer’s inventory system this picture is from, but it shows that the Xbox 360 Arcade (the model without a hard drive) will be hitting $199.99 on September 7th.

Other price reductions that could happen around that same time would be the Pro with a 60GB hard drive dropping to $299 and the Elite with a 120GB hard drive dropping to $399.

If you don’t have an Xbox 360 yet but are thinking about it you might want to wait a few weeks and see if all these price drops come true. You might want to also think about getting one with a hard drive. If you don’t get a hard drive right away I can’t imagine you’ll be able to go long without adding one because of how limited your experience will likely be (games will take longer because they won’t be able to store videos on the hard drive, no place to store game demo downloads, no place to store downloaded TV shows and movies, etc.), so I’d recommend getting the Pro or Elite.

[Via Kotaku]


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