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DISH first TV broadcaster to stream 1080p

DISH Network haters out there (I hear there may be one or two) will soon have one less thing to complain about as the broadcaster will be the first to broadcast live 1080p beginning on August 1st when it offers I Am Legend in full 1080p.

Not all subscribers will be able to get 1080p broadcasts, but according to DISH anyone with an HD DVD capable of playing MPEG-4 videos will be able to play the 1080p broadcasts thanks to a software upgrade that will be pushed out to these units when the new service goes live.

Competing services are limited to 1080i/720p, so broadcasting in 1080p is a nice point in favor of DISH, but in reality many viewers probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between 1080p and 1080i/720p on an HDTV smaller than 50 inches.

[Via Electronista]


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