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Ultimate Matrix Collection coming to Blu-ray in October


Matrix fans eager to get their hands on a Blu-ray version of the trilogy will finally get their chance when the 7-disc ‘Ultimate Matrix Collection’ hits stores on October 14th.

The Blu-ray version looks to be the same as the HD DVD version of collection, with all three movies, “35 hours of extras”, and the In-Movie Experience picture-in-picture commentaries for all three films.

One thing that is different is that the Blu-ray version includes the awesome Animatrix animated film in full 1080p.

Okay, one more difference–the price. The HD DVD version is selling for $78.95 on Amazon right now, while the Blu-ray version will go for $129.95. Hopefully the price won’t be this high for very long, or maybe they’ll release another version with less extras for closer to $70.

[Via High-Def Digest]


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