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MobileMe service still not working right for some


The hits keep rolling for Apple’s MobileMe service. After sort of fixing the email problem that hit around 1% of MobileMe users, 40% of those users can now log in and get their email.

Well, the email that wasn’t lost between July 16 and July 18.

Apple says that they will be restoring email service to the remaining users “in the next few days,” but some users remain skeptical.

At least one user received an email from Apple saying that “FULL access has been restored, but it never was.”

Oh, and one more problem had popped up but has apparently been fixed. On Apple’s support site they say that “Apple identified and resolved an issue with MobieMe Sync on iPhone and iPod Touch…although no action is required for most members, some may need to reset their data from MobileMe to sync normally again.”

I haven’t personally seen this but, but at least one user was surprised when “all of the contact information on my iPhone just vanished! Names appear in contact list, but no picture, e-mail, phone number, etc.”

It’s important to keep in mind that for the vast majority of MobileMe users the service, after a rocky launch, has been working great. BUT, that doesn’t mean Apple should get a free pass on this. How could this be missed by their QA group and are they hiring?

[Via Computerworld]


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