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Apple admits to losing MobileMe email messages

Looks like Apple’s MobileMe service can’t catch a break. After a “serious problem” with one of Apple’s email servers affected roughly 1% of MobileMe users, Apple now has admitted that roughly 10% of those users email messages received from July 16 – 18 are lost.

I guess that’s why they didn’t just replace the server with a new one–the problem wasn’t a hardware one.

Could the “Me” name be cursed? It didn’t work out so well for Microsoft with their Windows Me operating system, largely considered the worst version of Windows ever. So far, Apple isn’t having much better luck with it.

What in the world happened, Apple? Nothing cool and hip about screwing up your customers email. Maybe instead of giving away a 30-day credit it’s time to say you’re really sorry with a $100 Apple store credit? With $1.07 billion in profits in a quarter I’d imagine you could handle it.

[Via Engadget]


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