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AT&T trying to block WiMAX


While many consumers of data on cellular networks are having fun with 3G, others are looking forward to the next big thing, 4G.

Two different standards are battling it out for the one that gets adopted, LTE (Long-Term Evolution) and WiMAX.

AT&T has asked the FCC to deny requests by Sprint and Clearwire radio spectrum licenses.

Guess which one AT&T is backing.

AT&T’s request will not impact the upcoming WiMAX launch in Baltimore, but if the licenses are not granted there cannot be a nationwide deployment of WiMAX.

The problem that AT&T has with the deal is that, according to their filing, Sprint and Clearwire are attempting to avoid the FCC’s normal review process by minimizing the current spectrum holdings each has. AT&T says that Sprint and Clearwire’s application was “fatally defective” and should be dismissed.

Sprint and Clearwire, on the other hand, maintain that they have “exhaustively documented all of their spectrum holdings, including a county-by-county breakout and described the myriad public interest benefits of the transaction.”

[Via Computerworld]

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