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Wii developers caught off guard by MotionPlus announcement

When Nintendo announced the MotionPlus accessory that will plug into the end of a Wii Remote and give 1:1 movement between the gamer and their in-game Mii character, you would think that everyone was happy with the news but for some there were mixed emotions.

Unfortunately, third party developers were a bit less than thrilled, instead having a “general feeling… of annoyance and betrayal”. Believe it or not, third party developers found out about the accessory the same time the rest of us did–during Nintendo’s press event.

For a lot of games already deep in development it’s simply too late to add support now for the device, as it could take some six to nine months to incorporate the new functionality.

The upcoming first party title Wii Sports Resort won’t be out until Spring of 2009 and it will be the first game to support the MotionPlus. Because that is still a ways off, some other games that are not so far along may still be able to add support for the device.


[Via Joystiq]


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