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Google launches Knol, Wikipedia alternative

Late last year Google announced that it was working a Wikipedia alternative called Knol, and today the new service has gone live.

Among the ways Knol will attempt to differentiate itself from Wikipedia is by encouraging authors to use their real names with articles they publish and giving a chance to generate income with Google ads.

Knol product manager Cedric Cupont and software engineer Michael McNally said in a blog post that “every knol will have an author, or group of authors, who put their name behind their content. It’s their knol, their voice, their opinion. We expect that there will be multiple knols on the same subject, and we think that is good.”

If you want to post a knol without using your real name it seems you will still be able to do so.

Could there be a conflict of interest? Google will need to make the info in Knol easy to find but at the same time they can’t fill the first two pages of search results with links to pages it owns.

For more info about Knol check out the official product page here.

[Via Computerworld]

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