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E3 not dead, returning next year


Ahhh, the E3 show. Each year since 1995 the video game industry has been holding the E3 Expo to show off new and upcoming video game hardware, accessories, and titles to the media and other developers (and anyone else able to get their hands on a pass).

Short for Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3 was renamed to E3 Media and Business Summit in 2007 and downsized. A lot. No more booth babes and giant, flashy, tacky, loud and/or obnoxious 1,000 square foot + booths, live music, etc., and the crowds went from more than 60,000 to around 5,000.

The new E3 was smaller and, by many accounts, pretty lousy.

But if you thought E3 was dead, looks like you’ll have to wait another year. The group that organizes the show, The Electronic Software Association, has announced that they are “beginning the process of surveying exhibitors and attendees to determine potential changes to the Summit…Once this is completed and shared with the ESA’s Board of Directors, we will make an announcement about the specifics of the 2009 E3 Media & Business Summit, which will occur.”

I’m so glad I got to check out the original E3 in all it’s tacky glory before it shrunk.

[Via Joystiq]


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