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Google upsetting Android developers?

When Google first announced the Open Handset Alliance to bring it’s Android-based mobile phone platform to phones from multiple handset makers, there was a lot of excitement about the open platform and what it could mean for the industry.

But for the last few months updated builds of the SDK stopped being released…or did they?

In a note intended for the 50 winners of Google’s Android Developer Challenge but accidentally sent to a larger list of developers, Google’s David McLaughlin implied that updated builds HAVE been coming out, but only to the winners and not to the development at large.

One Android developer who read the note commented in the Android forum “ahhhh, now it makes sense…so they’ve been making private SDK releases while the rest of us suffer with the pile of bugs from the 4+ month old release.”

Google later confirmed that it was, in fact, doing this but only to help test the SDK so that it could release an updated version to the rest of the world in the coming weeks.

Whatever Google’s reason for the Android SDK in this way, they should really be careful–the iPhone SDK has already begun luring developers away from Android and more are likely to follow. Google might want to consider making the open platform a bit more open.

[Via Computerworld]


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