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Meizu M8 MiniOne coming in August?


The first of the iPhone clones to get pretty good attention was the Meizu M8 (then called the MiniOne), back in November of last year.

After missing CES in January and CeBIT in March people seemed to forget about the M8 but now it’s starting to get a bit of attention again.

Could the M8 actually be nearing release?

According to Meizu chief J. Wong, it just may.

Wong hinted at an August release in this post, saying that a basic model may be ready with 128MB of memory and a second model with 256MB and an 8GB flash storage card, would be out around October and go for roughly $320.

If it does [finally] get released, it may only be officially available in China. Maybe we’ll find out more next month.

[Via Electronista]


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