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Dell employees sue company over underpaying call center employees

In February 2007, two Dell call center employees sued the company for underpaying employees and now the suit has been given class-action status, giving the other 5,000 or so call center employees a chance to join the lawsuit party.

No specific damages are being sought, but the suit does say that the employees are owed at least $5 million.

The suit alleges that Dell’s time reporting system does not accurately track the hours worked by call center sales reps and that workers are not allowed to correct these errors. Supervisors are able to make such changes, but the suit alleges that the changes are either not being made or not being recorded properly by the time reporting system.

Additionally, the suit claims that the time reporting system automatically deducts a full hour for employee’s lunch breaks even if they do not take a full hour.

If all that is not enough, the suit also claims that workers are not paid to attend mandatory meetings that take place before their regularly scheduled shift, nor are they paid for the time it takes them to prepare for customer calls.

Dell disputes the claims, saying that they “take pride in ensuring that our actions are in compliance with the law.”

[Via Computerworld]


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