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AMD CEO Hector Ruiz steps down


After letting go of 10-percent of their workforce, a couple executives from their engineering group, and not replace the chief technical officer and senior vice president who quit, AMD has finally lost their CEO, Hector Ruiz.

Is it really a big loss for the struggling AMD? The company has been struggling for some and what does Ruiz get last year? A raise (though the company disputes this matter), keeping him the highest paid CEO in the semiconductor industry at around $1,123,000 per year.

Ruiz is replaced by the companies former chief operating officer, Dirk Meyer, who has been responsible for AMD’s microprocessor business since 1995.

AMD’s Opteron processor was successful, but since then there have been a few missteps including paying way too much for their acquisition of ATI.

Will AMD survive?

[Via Engadget]


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