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Apple admits MobileMe launch issues, gives 30-day credit to subscribers

When Apple’s MobileMe service launched last week things didn’t exactly go as planned and the four hour maintenance window turned into 48-ish. Then, when it was finally stable, what was advertised as a “push” service had turned into a “near-instant” syncing of data, which translates into push from your iPhone but checking for updates every 15-minutes from your Mac or PC.


Apple says their sorry and is giving MobileMe subscribers a free 30-day extension to their account. If you check your account page and DON’T see the extension just yet, give it a couple weeks and it should be there.

If your service is about to expire, according to an Apple support page “your account will not expire until your 30-day extension has been applied and you have reached your new expiration date. If you recently received an email stating your account will expire soon (or you say a similar message when using MobileMe), please ignore it.”

For more info about the extension check out this page.

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