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Sony to launch PS3 streaming video service tonight

At their E3 briefing today, Sony announced a new streaming video service that will be launching tonight and will be accessible from their PlayStation 3 console.

The service will offer television shows and movies for purchase or rent with Warner, Fox, Lion’s Gate, Disney, and MGM being among the partners already signed on to offer content.

Movies will cost $4 to rent in standard definition, $6 to rent in high definition, or $15 to purchase. No word on television show pricing, but we’ll find out tonight when the service goes live.

Oh, and remember that 4.05 firmware update for the PSP that was released the other day that didn’t seem to really do anything except add two new visualizers when playing music? Looks like another part of that update was to allow for downloaded videos to be transferred to the PSP via a USB cable so that must be the “other features” that were mentioned but never explained.

[Via Kotaku]


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