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Woz cuts iPhone 3G line


When the first iPhone launched last year, famed Apple engineer Steve Wozniak waited in line with the masses at San Jose’s Valley Fair shopping center to get his very own iPhone.

When the iPhone 3G launch Friday Woz was back, but he didn’t exactly wait with everyone else.

This time, according to those there on hand to witness Woz in all his glory, Woz and pals waiting for a few hours on soft, padded benches near where the line had formed, then the Apple store opened and the iPhone 3G went on sale, Woz and friends went to the front and cut in.

Note to Woz: If this is true, when playing average consumer and waiting in line to get something, whether you’re waiting for movie tickets or a new iPhone, don’t cut in front of people in line.

If you tell Jobs you don’t want to be given a new iPhone–you want to buy one like everyone else–then buy one like everyone else. The message of “I’m like everyone else” turns into “I’m better than you” when such a juvenile maneuver is used.

When you cut line, you’re not just jumping in front of the couple guys at the front of the line who are wetting themselves to be near you, you’re cutting in front of hundreds of people in line behind them too.

[Via Gizmodo]


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