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MobileMe lives…sort of… [UPDATED]


After a bit of a rocky start, Apple’s new .Mac replacement, MobileMe, seems to be alive now.

For most of the day the me.com domain has been simply forwarding to the MobileMe info page but if you go to me.com right now you should get the login page.

Sooner or later.

It didn’t work for me the first time, but the second time it did. Things seem a bit slow but hopefully that will change as the day goes on. For example, the calendar loaded pretty quickly…or so it seemed, but then it popped up a rather generic error message saying simply “Calendar could not complete your action because of a server error. Please try again.”

I did, same problem.

Growing pains, I suppose. Hopefully it will get better soon.

I haven’t seen anyone really slamming Apple for what I would consider a botched service upgrade. If MobileMe was Microsoft’s and the same thing had happened with the rollout, I can’t help but think tech bloggers all across the net would be ranting and raving about how MS screwed it up.

…while I’m typing this I see that the service has gone down again and the homepage now redirects to the product info page. Your milage may vary, I suppose. Lucky I got that login page screenshot when I did, I guess. (sigh)

UPDATE: About 25 hours since .Mac went to sleep and the cutover to MobileMe began in Cupertino. Unfortunately as of two minutes ago the new MobileMe service is still offline. With any luck things will be more stable tomorrow and we can start checking out the service itself and not just the product info page.

UPDATE 2: It’s about 6:30am in California right now and MobileMe is still having some trouble. Occasionally it’s up, but most of the time the browser waits for a while on the server trying to load the login page, then eventually forwards to a page that says basically that they are working on it.

UPDATE 3: I hope I don’t jinx things, but it looks like the service might finally be up to stay. For more info check out this post.


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