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iPhone 3G reviews begin hitting the web

Maybe you’ve heard by now? The iPhone 3G is launching this Friday? Yes? 😉

Reviews are starting to come in courtesy of three very well read names in tech–Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal and All Things D, Ed Baig of USA Today and David Pogue of the New York Times.

Between the three we can conclude that:

  • 3G drains the battery a lot faster than EDGE
  • The built-in speaker is louder for both music and speakerphone calls
  • GPS is nice but really needs a turn-by-turn navigation app
  • The plastic back of the new iPhone helps with reception
  • The new 2.0 software is great

Unfortunately the iPhone 3G still has a few problems:

  • No Bluetooth stereo (A2DP)
  • No voice dialing
  • No Flash support
  • No Java support
  • No WMV support
  • No video recording
  • No MMS
  • No cut / copy / paste
  • Some original iPhone accessories can’t charge the device, noticably the Bose SoundDock or Belkin car kit (adapters may be released that can help make at least some currently unsupported devices)

No real surprises, huh? If you’re still on the fence then we have that common.

If TomTom (or someone) releases a good turn-by-turn navigation application through the App Store that can make the iPhone 3G as a stand-alone GPS, then okay, I’m in. BUT, only if said app doesn’t take up most of the iPhone’s storage.

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