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60GB Xbox 360 coming this month?

According to a leaked email allegedly being sent out to GameStop and Blockbuster buyers from a distributer, the current Xbox 360 Pro console that comes with a 20GB hard drive will be replaced with a new SKU that will feature a 60GB hard drive.

Also in the email is mention of a new stand alone 60GB hard drive for the Xbox 360 that will retail for $99.99 and be released sometime in October or November of this year.

The new 60GB stand alone package is tentatively called “Xbox 360 60GB LIVE Starter Pack” and will include:

  • 60GB hard drive
  • 3 months of Xbox LIVE
  • Xbox 360 wired headset
  • Xbox 360 Ethernet Cable

One more thing mentioned in the email: the 120GB hard drive will drop to $149.99 in September.

Is any of this true? If it is we’ll hear at least some of this info officially announced when E3 opens.

To read more of the email check out this post at Xbox Family.

[Via Kotaku]


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