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iPhone 3G goes on sale at 8am


Apple’s iPhone 3G goes on sale this Friday, July 11th. AT&T stores will begin selling them at 8am and Apple has announced that they will be following suit and the iPhone 3G will be available from their own retail stores at the same time.

If you were hoping for an earlier time from Apple stores so you could hit an AT&T store at 8am if the Apple store sells out before you get one, looks like you’ll have to just pick one and stick with it.

When the original iPhone launched, Apple stores had more units to sell but also had a larger crowd. Will it be the same this time? Not sure. What also makes this launch a bit difficult to predict is that it’s not just happening in the US–it’s coming to other countries as well so supplies will be stretched a bit.

[Via Gizmodo]


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