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Lining up begins for the iPhone 3G


The new iPhone 3G will be released in just 7 days from today…do you think it’s too soon to start lining up to ensure you don’t miss having one on launch day?

Regardless of your own thoughts on the matter, a line has indeed formed at Apple’s store on 5th Avenue in New York with the first position being shared by a man, woman and a baby (won’t hopefully won’t be there the entire time).

I know the iPhone 3G will be great and all, but it’s more evolutionary than revolutionary with a lot of current-generation iPhone owners struggling with whether or not the new features justify the extra expense both upfront to bring it home and monthly with what it will add over your current iPhone charges with AT&T.

Decisions decisions. One thing I do know, though–no way I’m lining up more than a few hours for any product launch, even the iPhone.

[Via Engadget]


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