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Checkpoint friendly laptop cases approved by TSA


Currently if you travel with a laptop computer in your carry on bag, when you go through an airport’s security checkpoint you need to remove it from the bag so that it can pass through the X-ray machine on by itself.

Apparently that’s about to change if you have the right bag.

The TSA has been working with luggage manufacturers to design a laptop case that won’t require you to remove your laptop at these checkpoints and two luggage manufactures–Pathfinder Luggage and Targus–are rushing such bags to market and hope to have them in stores no later than early October.

Pathfinder Luggage executive vice president Ron Davis says that the TSA doesn’t “want anything obscuring the view of the laptop…in our case, the material is nylon and foam, and the X-ray machine will see right through that.”

[Via CrunchGear]


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