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OpenTable launces mobile version


Lots of people are big fans of OpenTable for easily making restaurant reservations via the Internet but the page is a bit big when trying to use it on a small device like, say, an iPhone.

To help make using their service easier for those people, OpenTable has released a version of their webpage formatted for mobile devices called OpenTable Mobile.

It’s the same service, just using a better layout for small screens.

Jeff Jordan, CEO of Opentable, says “with OpenTable Mobile, we can now deliver the convenience of online reservations to diners who are on the road or out on the town…now mobile users can take the power of OpenTable.com with them wherever they go, to instantly find and book available tables at more than 8,500 restaurants.”

To use OpenTable Mobile, just point your browser to:


Check out the full press release here if you’re interested.

[Via Gizmodo]


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