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Sony reveals PS3 firmware 2.40 features, release date

Sony has released more info about the upcoming 2.40 firmware update for their PlayStation 3 console.

The update, scheduled to hit on July 2nd, will include these features which will all be available without having to quit our game and return to the home screen:

  • In-game XMB
  • View game-specific trophies
  • See the time and date
  • Send text messages to other PSN users in your friends list
  • View accessory settings, such as Bluetooth pairing and voice changer
  • View and manage downloads
  • Quit the game you’re playing and/or start playing a different game
  • Search the web via a Google Search option under Network (similar to what the PSP can do fro the last firmware update)
  • Play music tracks stored on the hard drive (if the game you’re playing also supports it)
  • Access new on-screen music player interface

Sony has also released a couple of videos on their blog, one showing a walkthrough of the XMB and the other showing a walkthrough of trophies.

[Via Joystiq and Kotaku]


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