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New Creative Wi-Fi media player leaked?


According to some leaked info obtained by epiZENter, Creative is getting ready to release their first Wi-Fi enabled portable media player, the ZEN X-Fi.

In addition to some basic control buttons like play/pause, next, and previous on the face, the X-Fi will have a nine-point directional pad and using it’s built-in Wi-Fi users will be able to IM via Windows Live Messenger or Yahoo Messenger using the nine-point directional pad to enter text similar to how cellphones without a full QWERTY keyboard do it.

The Wi-Fi will also allow you to stream media from your home computer from a piece of software you’ll install there called Creative Centrale. Looks like you will NOT, however, be able to buy songs on the go via Wi-Fi hotspots.

There’s also something mentioned called a Public Media Server but it’s not 100% clear just what that is at the moment. Maybe it will give you limited access to media in your Creative Centrale over the Internet by setting up a mini web server? We’ll see when things are officially announced.

We might be seeing this as soon as July so stay tuned…

[Via Electronista]


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