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Palm reports more losses

Another quarter, another loss reported for Palm.

Despite hot sales for their Centro smartphone, the once proud PDA maker reported a year-over-year change from a net gain of $15.4 million in spring 2007 to a $43.4 million loss a in spring 2008.

Palm is hoping their upcoming Treo models like the 800w for Sprint and Verizon and the 850 for AT&T can help turn things around, but I’m not so sure.

I don’t remember the last time Palm did something revolutionary but that’s what they need to do to survive–Samsung, Apple, LG, and RIM have all passed them in terms of innovation and customers satisfaction.

I hate to say this, but if they’d released the Foleo and made it independent from the Treo, it could have been strong competition for other UMPC’s like the Asus Eee PC and opened up the company to playing in a new market with new possibilities.

Sure, when times are tough you need to focus on your core competencies and do them well, but it seems they can’t so maybe it’s time to expand or fade away for good?

[Via Electronista]


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