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Full feature list of upcoming PS3 firmware 2.40?

You’ll likely have to wait a few more weeks for the official release of firmware 2.40 for the Sony PlayStation 3 console, but to tide you over until then CVG says they’ve gotten their hands on the full feature list for the release.

In addition to in-game access to the XMB and trophies (should be essentially the same thing as ‘achievements’ on the Xbox 360), the features will allegedly include:

  • Friend category
  • View, send, receive messages
  • Manage downloads
  • Set the vibration feature of the controller
  • Sign in to PlayStation Network
  • Register friends
  • Manage Bluetooth devices
  • Terminate the game
  • Music category
  • Use the system BGM
  • Work the system BGM operation panel
  • Settings category
  • Assign controllers
  • View profiles
  • Game category
  • Set audio devices
  • Use the voice changer

No confirmation from Sony on any of this yet, but it sounds reasonable so I guess we’ll all just sit tight for a few more weeks until E3 opens.

[Via Kotaku]


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