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Yahoo announces new deal with Google for ads

yahoo_purple_logo Yahoo today announced that they have signed a new deal with Google that will allow Yahoo to run Google ads.

The deal is non-exclusive, so Yahoo will be able to run their own ads as well as ads from other services…if they can find one.

Yahoo is hoping that the new deal will add in the neighborhood of $800 million a year in revenues and up to $450 million in operating cash flow.

From the press release, “the agreement applies to paid search and content match and does not apply to algorithmic search. The agreement also applies to current partners in Yahoo’s publisher network…The agreement will enable Yahoo! to run ads supplied by Google’s AdSense(TM) for Search and AdSense(TM) for Content services next to Yahoo!’s internally generated paid search and algorithmic search results. Yahoo may also run Google-supplied ads on non-search Yahoo web properties, as well as on current members of its partner network.”

The press release also points out that while the deal doesn’t require regulator approval they have agreed to wait up to three and a half months while the Department of Justice reviews things.

Another part of the deal allows interoperability between the two companies instant messaging services.

Check out the full press release here for more info if you’re interested.

[Via TechCrunch]


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