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BlackBerry Bold, Thunder getting new OS version 4.6?

You’ve already heard that BlackBerry is working on new handsets called “Bold” and “Thunder”, but did you know they might be the first devices to us RIM’s new version 4.6 operating system?

Horizon Wireless Online says yes and lists out what’s new in version 4.6:

  • Richer BlackBerry Browser Rendering
    • AJAX
    • JavaScript 1.5
    • CSS 2.1
    • DOM L2 (including Core, HTML, Style, Events)
    • HTML 4.01 (including Forms, Maps, Tables, Frames, Objects)
    • XMLHttpRequest
    • Integrated Go To, Search, Bookmarks, and History Launch Screen
    • Easy Zooming
    • Pointer Controls
    • Optimized Page Layout
    • Quality Fonts
  • Scrolling Down with the Trackball
  • Click Trackball to Zoom In, Click in to Further Zoom in
  • BlackBerry® Device Software 4.6 includes:
    • Music Sync – a synchronization application for selecting and transferring music from a computer to a BlackBerry smartphone
    • Clock application – the evolution of the alarm application
    • Setup Wizard 2.0 – a new look and improved features
    • Support for grayscale and reverse contrast display
    • Option to select Home screen grid size
    • Support for continuous spell checking
    • Numerous enhancements to existing BlackBerry smartphone applications and features

With the Bold scheduled to launch next month we’ll know pretty soon if this is true or not.

[Via Engadget]


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