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Microsoft to announce Blu-ray driver for Xbox 360 tomorrow? [UPDATED]

You knew it would happen–the rumor that the Xbox 360 will be getting a Blu-ray drive is back and according to a CrunchGear tipster the announcement is coming tomorrow.

According to tipster “JJ”, Microsoft will “upstage Apple with a Monday 9am PST announcement (1 hour before WWDC) via press release that the Xbox 360 will get Blu-ray before Christmas.”

If this rumor is true I can’t imagine this announcement would steal the new cycle from Apple unless Jobs doesn’t announce anything new tomorrow which I can’t see happening.

UPDATE: Here it is Wednesday already and I forgot all about this one. Was there an Xbox 360 Blu-ray drive announced? Nope, rumor dead. Again.

[Via CrunchGear]


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