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Canada, UK get iTunes movies


Movies in Apple’s iTunes Store have finally made it outside of the US with both Canada and the UK now able to buy and rent movies.

Pricing in the UK will be:

  • £6.99 for library titles
  • £10.99 for new releases
  • £2.49 for library rentals
  • £3.49 for new release rentals
  • High definition rentals will be £1 more

Pricing in Canada will be:

  • CAN$9.99 to purchase catalog titles
  • CAN$14.99 to get recently released movies
  • CAN$19.99 to purchase new movies
  • CAN$3.99 for renting a library title (a dollar more for HD)
  • CAN$4.99 for new release rental (a dollar more for HD)

[Via TUAW here and here]


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