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AT&T increases upload speeds for 3G

AT&T has announced that they have upgraded their HSPA-based 3G network resulting in some pretty nice performance gains.

Effective immediately, users in a region that supports HSPA (not HSDPA) will experience a 50 percent upload speed gain, making the new peak 1.2Mbps.

Download speeds have also been increased, giving them a new real-world peak of 1.4Mbps – 1.7Mbps.

In addition to being in an HSPA-based 3G region, users will also need one of these four cards to benefit from the network upgrade:

The upcoming Sony Ericsson XPREIA X1 will be HSPA-capable and should be able to take advantage of this upgrade, but the 3G version of the Apple iPhone is expected to only support HSDPA.

[Via Electronista]


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