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Asus stops taking orders for Eee PC 900?

According to a story at DigiTimes, Asus has stopped taking orders for their Eee PC 900 Intel Celeron-based UMPC while they prepare to launch the Eee PC 901 which will be using Intel’s Atom chip instead.

According to “industry sources” the 900 was a “transitional product” meant to meet HP’s recently released 2133 Mini-Note UMPC.

The 900, as you might recall, just went on sale a couple of weeks ago so if Asus is already stopping taking orders for them it could be the shortest life cycle of a product that didn’t suck ever.

If you aren’t into the Atom and really want to snag one of these Celeron-based 900’s they still seem relatively easy to find right now but don’t wait too long.

[Via Engadget]


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