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Microsoft shows of bit of Windows 7


Today at the AllThingsD (All Things Digital) conference, Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer showed up to demo what Ballmer calls “the smallest snippet” of Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 7 operating system.

The demo showed off multi-touch running on a Dell Latitude XT tablet in a way that was similar to Microsoft’s larger Surface multi-touch device. The UI seems a bit tweaked and the taskbar is a bit different, but so far the consensus seems to be that the demo wasn’t all that impressive.

For more info or to see a video of the Windows 7 multi-touch in action check out the AllThingsD page here.

After watching the video myself it’s neat but Gizmodo’s right–it’s too much like last years Surface demo. Multi-touch is nice, but I’d like to see a version of Windows that doesn’t slow down for no apparent reason every so often and maybe one that wasn’t so eager to crash.

[Via Engadget]


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