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Napster launces MP3 store


Napster has launched a new DRM-free MP3 store with 6 million tracks, making it the largest unprotected MP3 store around.

For some perspective, iTunes has around 3 million unprotected songs and Amazon has around 4.5 million.

The price for these tracks at Napster is unchanged from the 99 cents they charged for WMA files with DRM.

The company will still be offering their subscription service, this will just be an additional service they will offer.

BTW, does everyone know how “Napster” got its name?

Before Napster was a legal company, it was a not so legal online music sharing site created by then college student Shawn Fanning who was attending Northeastern University in Boston.

Fanning’s high school nickname was “Napster” (after the texture of his hair) and when he needed a name for this program, that’s what was used.

[Via Electronista]


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